IPC Investment Management

IPC's Investment Management division provides high-touch investment consulting and customized portfolio solutions to high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions.  Each client receives a comprehensive managed account solution constructed to complement the client's overall financial strategy.  Through thoughtful coordination with the client’s financial advisor, the solution is designed to fit into the client’s overall financial plan and with the client’s other trusted advisors (CPA, attorney, trust officer, etc.). Long-term success is about unwavering dedication; it requires both initial and ongoing effective communication among the financial advisor, the client(s), the money manager(s), and IPC. Consulting and advisory services provided by IPC are as dynamic as the professional money managers who manage client portfolios. IPC respects each client and understands that every client is unique. Each client’s goals, objectives and preferences must be properly identified and written into a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS serves as the official guide for the managed account solution for the client, the advisor, the manager(s), and IPC.